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The Tomorrow War – Days of Time Lost: A Story of Travels

Within any story, there is that core aspect of the adventure.  No matter the genre, being whisk away allows for oneself to see and feel the aspect of another world.  Even for that escape, what will make or break the adventure is if the design falters because of rushed intent.  In this review, I look at an Amazon Original that fuses adventure within aspects of Sci-Fi.  By placing human endeavor, time travel and aliens in one sandbox, this journey is full of many things.  The Tomorrow War is a promising adventure that will have you thinking, there should have been more.

When the future of the world hangs on a delicate thread, they look to the past for help.  Heeding the call, one man will find what it means to save the world.  This film beings with a promising foundation of genuine spins of Sci-Fi and Time Travel.  The story begins with an introduction Dan Forester (Chris Pratt).  He is a High School Science Teacher with a family but struggles to find some purpose to his world.  This all turns upside down when individuals from 30 years in the future travel to their time seeking help from humanity’s extinction.  Through some general backstory, forced exposition and worldbuilding, Forester gets called up to join the fight.  From this point, the film becomes a unique display of war like sequences, brooding sci-fi elements and subtle characterization.  As Forester seeks to help the future in its fight, the story deepens into the ideas of relationship and purpose.  We are introduced to some important figures, but they become plot fodder to the main character’s guise.  As things lead through some uncertainty, the realization of what is at stake becomes prudent.  The general layering of the first act allows for the second act to build upon a genuine adventure, as Forester (and crew) try to find an answer to stop this alien invasion.  Everything is humanized to a degree, as the audience becomes entrenched in the fight. 

As the story moves along, there is a certain degree of horror when confronting the aliens.  Combine with a dread-like mood, it brings upon lost and hope in an ironic twist.  As things become a race against time (becomes of the time travel mechanics), everything is heightened to a certain extreme.  As things come to light, it becomes Forester’s mission to end the fight in the present.  At this point, all the promising elements of science and logic fall into a devolution of convenient plot fodder.  As this happens, the core aspect of the adventure starts to falter but never completely fracture.  Once in the final act, everything leads to a unique combination of action and sci-fi, pitting Forester in a true fight for the future.  This leads to a predictable climax of hero’s triumph.  The Tomorrow War is a film that displays promise and folly.  Even when things seem to go off the rails, there is a certain level of enjoyment throughout.  If you are a fan of Sci-Fi, time travel or want a genuine adventure, this is one for you.  It is available on Amazon Prime, but I would be fun to have seen this on the big screen.

Full Score – 3.5 out of 5 (Matinee)

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