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The Tragedy of Macbeth – Fair is Foul … Am I Not King?

Within wonder’s fate, there is a sense of melancholy.  These thoughts become stories of tragedy and hope.  In those moments, feelings waver in human reflection, something that becomes true in a Shakespearean play.  In this review, I look at a reimagining of one of those classic plays.  With a strong cast and pared down journey, The Tragedy of Macbeth is a creative take on human tragedy.

The story is a basic retelling of the Shakespearean play, Macbeth.  It is the journey of the titular character (played by Denzel Washington), as he is convinced by a trio of witches to become the next King of Scotland.  Through this prophecy and the pressures of his wife, Lady Macbeth (played by Frances McDormand), it leads down a tragic path of human ambition.  To begin, this is a film that takes a different approach in adapting the material.  Instead of doubling down through familiar props (of the era), Joel Coen creates simplified set pieces through black and white visuals.  It is a slightly different but creative twist that pairs the aesthetics to an emotional journey.  Through this basic approach, each moment is captured in enthralling detail, opening a pathway of fateful encounters.  As the journey begins within basic script elements, it is those creative nuances that draw you into a familiar tale.  You are hooked into each scene through power of emotional brevity, creating a hook to Macbeth’s journey to become king.  There is angst within his prideful intent, leveling out cause in dilemma and strife.  The wavering of strength is heightened by his relationship with Lady Macbeth, as she musters purpose within her own blind ambition.  The contrast begs for folly, but it also creates consequential moments that lead Macbeth killing those that threaten the prophecy.  Once he captures the throne, it creates a web of emotional reverie.  From here, it becomes a downwards spiral that reveal the tragic side of human desire.

As fast as Macbeth captures the throne, it is the quick downfall that elevates the fragile psyche of the individual.  As things become lost within, it fractures a mind that is already in emotional disarray.  With all the deeds done, the simple notion of the prophecy becomes a delicate examination of fraught emotions.  This is where those visuals quips lift the journey above predictable tropes, creating a hearty complexion of the fragile state of our main character.  As Macbeth faces threats to his throne, it all becomes a natural cycle of fateful encounters.  All desires are placed against the grey, leaving us with examining the truth of human tragedy.  The Tragedy of Macbeth is a creative adaptation of the famed play.  If you are a fan of Shakespeare, the director or actors/actress involved, you will be mesmerized by the performances.  This isn’t a film for everyone, but if you want to take a chance, I think it is a definite experience to witness on the big screen.    

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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