Top 10 Best Films of All Time

Top 10 Best Films of All-Time

A Top list is one (as mentioned before) that’s hard to put together.  Another aspect of the list (other than being hard) is that these ‘best’ list are still subjective to the audience.  Everyone has a different opinion, even in a ‘best’ list.  Even with this distinction, when it comes to a list of this caliber, there is a stronger consensus of what some of the best films are.  Granted, there might be some dark horse picks, but overall, the best films of all time most will agree upon.  With that being said, what separates my favorite list from my best list is that films that are consider for the latter have to meet one specific standard.  It must be complete of all 5 aspects of what defines a film:

Acting, Direction, Story, Cinematography and Score

With that being said, here is my, top 10 best films of all time.

10. There Will Be Blood – This is the quintessential character film.   Staring one of the best actors of our present time (Daniel Day Lewis), this film provides a degree of slow, methodical direction that unfolds both the story of the oil tycoon industry and a figure behind the oil tycoon business.  With such a pristine story, there is strong character focus, causing what should not be entertaining, to be rich in emotion, fervor and guile, that you will be completely entertained.  You will be encapsulated from beginning till the end.

9. The Lion King (Animated) – This is an animated film that is dear to my heart (since my childhood).  This movie I consider to be one of the best films of all time, and the best animated film to date.  It has strong characters in Simba, Mufassa, Scar and many others; a strong story that revolve around the themes of coming of age, consequence and redemption; and great visual appeal that will bring you into a world so real, you’ll forget it is digitally created.  Another aspect that adds flavor to the film is it’s deeply moving, but a memorable score.   The full spectrum of all film, and it is done through the creative eye of Disney.

8. Oldboy (2003) – This is a beloved foreign film by many, and one that is popular among the film community.  A cult classic to most, this film is filled with great suspense, intrigue, as well as delves into a deeply psychological state for all the main players in the film.  The theatrics of the suspense will keep you guessing until the shocking twist is finally revealed.  The story, and great characters make it one of the best films, and best foreign film to date.

7. Gladiator – A very strong period piece, this film follows the downfall, and rise of one known as Maximus, as he becomes not a great warrior, but also a martyr and person to be a symbol to fight against the cruelty of the Caesar in Rome.  Strong performances from Russell Crowe and Jaquin Phoenix, you will be completely and emotional involved in this film till the ending sequence.

6. The Departed – Martin Scorsesse has made plenty of memorable hits.  This one in particular (that won the Oscar for best director and picture) is one that is both, honestly invigorating and wonderfully enticing.  A modern day crime thriller, we follow the story as an undercover cop goes deep undercover, as well in a paralleling status of another person from the mob gets deeply involved with the Boston Police Department.  The layering of perspective, combined with amazing acting and cringing action scenes, this film tops the list as one of the best from a great director.

5. Goodfellas – This is another film by Martin Scorsesse, and another one of many memorable hits.  Out of his large collection of films, this one Is the best.  Another ‘gangster’ influenced film; this one dabbles greatly with the hierarchy of the mafia, as well as great acting and character development from Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci.  This film has the full spectrum of drama, and will keep you involved, until the end.

4. Munich – There are plenty films out there that take you to the limit (emotionally and mentally) and to the point where you will question choices and purpose.  Even with those films, there comes a few that will take that questioning, bend it against morality, and break it down to a psychological scale where it’s so riveting, that the whole story, characters and themes of a film will bring you to the edge of your seat.  This film, by Steven Speilberg, does this, and does it so well with the enrapturing feeling created from the character’s point of view of Eric Bana and Daniel Craig.  This film will dabble between the lines of thrilling espionage and raw emotional drama; it will stir the pot of everything together to make a wonderful viewing experience.

3. Unforgiven – Western’s have a specific niche, and sometimes that niche causes them to be very dull for the audience.  The niche of any great western is character development.  If the characters are stroked with a spectrum of allure, the rest of the film will fall into place.  This film, by Clint Eastwood, does that, but takes it further with also making the character a flawed individual.  In doing this, the journey of William Munny becomes one that evolves this film into a deeply enriching story, and also provides emotional attachment to him.  This creates a great film to watch on movie screen, and also provides us with the best Westerns of All Time.

2. The Godfather – This film is beyond classic status, as it is one that stands the test of time.  There is no need for a deep explanation as to why this is one of the best of all time.  You have one of the best directors (Francis Ford Coppola), two of the best actors (Marlon Brando and Al Pacino), and a great story of a man who goes from not wanting to be part of his mob family business, but in the end becomes one of the most feared leaders of this organized crime family in New York City.  The characterization is at its finest, which only ripples to creating a great story, visuals and score.  Even for all the praise this film has accumulated, there is one (In my book) that I consider number one.

1. Schindler’s List – Many can argue, many can gasp, but in the end, this is a film that will be in most top 10s regardless of disagreement.  For me though, this film is not only in the Top 10, but is number one.  The reason it is the best is because it encapsulates the five aspects that I believe makes the perfect film.  It has some of the most endearing and deeply emotional characters created through famed actor’s Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes, as well as the standout supporting cast littered throughout the film.  The direction of the story is intelligently and methodically paced, exuding a rich vision upon a desolate time in human history (The Holocaust).  The cinematography is beyond mesmerizing, but can sometimes be emotionally distraught.  The score is just topping on the cake, as it pumps sounds and music into a mixture that leads to a masterpiece.  Out of all the films I have ever watched, this one stands out of the pack, and is the best film of all time.

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