Top 5 films: Mid-season 2014


Top Films: Midseason 2014

It has come the time, for my tradition of a mid-year top 5.  There have been plenty of films (good and bad); but regardless, there are few that stand out for me as tops.  Also, there are a few that were great, but failed to make the list (The Lego Movie; Faults in Our Stars; Edge of Tomorrow; Chef).  For any top list, it is subjective.  Even if so, I do enjoy putting a list like this together for 2 reason:

Express my gratitude to great film making

To show my diversity

Many people that put top lists together (even mid list) always trail to specifics.  My list have always been variety; an expression towards films of quality that may not be of the same genre.  Without further delay, here is my top 5 mid-season films of the year:

Nebraska5. Nebraska – A film that shows that ‘down to earth’ quality can still be found in a homegrown drama; this film shows many facets of life, love and family.  There is a raw appeal brought to you through the main character’s journey, and great acting from many of the actors/actress in the film.  Once this film ends, you should feel the folly within its touch of humanity, while also feeling the delight through a well written, witty script.





capt. amercia winter soldier4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Out of all the Marvel Produced films; this has been the one that surprised me the most.  Not only did you get a great comic book movie, but it is a film that also engrossed in a grounded tale of espionage, political drama and character evolution that made you care for Steve Rogers and his ‘ideal’ quest for truth.  All the characters in the film are marvelous, and the action scenes are some of the best in films this year.





22 Jump Street3. 22 Jump Street – Not any movie this year (or any in quite some time) has made me laugh so hard like this film did. This particular film puts to bed about ‘sequels to comedies being bad’, while also playing perfection within its own shtick.   The amount of comedy gold found in this film is a testament to the great chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, as well as the great directional aspect of the ‘outrageous’ played through a ‘spoofing’ appeal.  There really isn’t much to say but, if you want to laugh like never before, watch this film.





her2. Her – A Person falling in love with an Operating System; just think about that for a second.  You would probably have that ‘what the … ‘look; but you would be mistaken.  This film goes beyond the premise, and gives you a tale that is whimsical, charming, heartfelt, and hits you hard at your emotional core.  The process of human interaction and the trails of relationships are played so poignantly, that you forget that it is between a man and his computer.  Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlet Johansson do such a wonderful job; you believe that anything is possible through Spike Jonze’s genuine script.




xmen DOFP1. X-men: Days of Future Past – As I mentioned in the review; it is a rarity that I give out perfect scores.  Perfection can be subjected, but the overall appeal of a great film outlasts any subjectivity.  That is why I believe this film is befitting of its score.  There is so much I could explain about this masterpiece, but I’ll only say this; there hasn’t been a comic book movie that has provide so much amazing entertainment, raw emotions and precise direction like this one has.  Read my review if you want to see a more in-depth description, but this is my number one film; midseason (and probably will be number 1 at the end of the year).

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