Top 5 films: Midseason

With the movie season hitting its half-way point, we have had some really amazing films, to the absolute worst.  I am not one to be the definite knowledge of movies, but with an extensive eye because of diversity of films I watch, I do have a distinct thought on what defines the good from bad.  In the end, all movie reviews are one opinion, regardless of what is seen.  Even for this, there will always be a list from each critic that shows what they believe to be the top films at the midseason point.  These list always can change, because we still 6 months of films left to watch.  With that being said, here is my top 5 films of the year, midseason:




5.) The Place Beyond the Pines – This film stares Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling, as fathers whose path lead to dire consequences for their sons.  This is a gripping tale of fatherhood, which shows you the true meaning of life, love and fate.  Very great acting, as well as a endearing story to watch unfold.




this is


4.) This Is The End – This film has so many great comedic actors, that to even be critical of the premise is just being picky.  This film is filled with so many good one-liners, jabs and funny situations, which you will be balling out laughing from beginning to end.  It is a film that will be the dark horse film of the summer.




star trek


3.) Star Trek: Into Darkness – Out of all the blockbusters this year, this was the best one this year so far.  It has great characters, amazing action sequences, and witty dialogue between the Enterprise Crew.  This is a Sci-Fi film that is both smart, fun and entertaining.  A worthy trip to see in IMAX 3D.






2.) Mud – This small indie flick stars Matthew McConaughey as a man on the run, trying to piece back his life through the help of two young boys.  The simplistic premise creates an aura of wonderful storytelling that helps develop a connection between the audience and the characters on screen.  This film has true heart, and shows that McConaughey will be a real force as a dramatic actor.






1.) Trance – No other film this year knocked me off my feet like this film.  Filled with smart dialogue, mysterious story elements and charismatic characters, you will be on the edge or your seat, guessing the threads of a missing life.


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