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Women Talking – In the Faith of Conversation and Worth

Within the idea, comes a message.  Within the message comes discourse.  As a person speaks, there is hope for a path forward.  Through conversation, no matter the medium, if done right … can be the most powerful tool for storytelling.  In this review, I look at a film that pushes conversations through a lens of narration.  Through the uncertainty of moments, this is a story that shows the strength of dialogue.  A simple narrative with strong characters, Women Talking is a powerful film that showcases what it means to have faith and faith being strong.

In a small isolated religious community, the women grapple with many hardships from men.  At a crossroads, they must decide what is best for them to survive.  Within this story, it is created in an unorthodox way.  The narrative is not rooted in traditional film structure, but a melding of stage play methods and idealism through scenes of conversation.  From the first scene, there is an ominous cloud hanging over this colony.  Through simply gestures and quiet scenes, you realize that this community has been stripped from modern society and warped by men.  Through strict methods of faith, women are only meant to serve the community as men see fit.  As a series of events occur, this leads to the women casting their vote: do nothing, fight or leave.  From this point, the story moves towards a central narrative created through conversation.  As things are put forth on the issues (at hand), the women discuss what is best for them to survive in this world.  Here, we witness the strength of character as each person reflects on individual worth, faith, parenting, and hardship women face in this colony.  These ideas weave through simple direction, creating a subtle burst of emotional reverie in their conversations.  As the women discuss reasoning of what to do, the layers are peeled back that showcase the consequences of each action.  The visceral nature of each person’s lives is an intuitive reflection of the raw danger of this community.  By creating a narrative that purports a gripping reality, it elevates the hardiness of the script to a degree of everlasting appeal.

As discussions continue, flashbacks occur that reflect on the hardship each character has faced (in the community).  Through that pain, you see why they are on the edge of making the right decision.  As the finality of time comes to head, emotions reign supreme to create a hardy grip of humanistic value.  Each scene is a reflection of personal consequence, leaving the audience with a riveting display of escapism in their conversation.  Eventually, a choice is made that reflects on the idea of value and faith.  Women Talking is a powerful film that becomes more of reflection of personal worth.  With strong acting, this is a film that will leave a mark.  If you are a fan of stage plays, strong characters and dialogue driven moments, this is for you.  I believe this is worth the full price, see this on the big screen. 

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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