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21 Bridges – A Broken Crossing of a Crime Drama

Going to watch a film at the theater can be an amazing experience.  From the epic journeys to down-to-earth romantic tales, to be enraptured in the visuals is truly gratifying.  What makes the experience worthy is the trueness of the escape.  Every so often, there is a film that gives an escape that makes you wonder what the hell was the point?  21 Bridges is that film.  This is a crime drama that falters in its potential and becomes an escape of disasters. 

The story follows NYPD detective Andre Davis (Chadwick Boseman), as he is brought into investigate a robbery gone wrong.  As the investigation deepens, the truth of circumstances slowly reveals not everything is what it seems.  Within the first act, you are introduced to all the main players through the common ‘heist gone wrong’ plot device.  We get a strong look at Davis as the lead detective.  Boseman provides the one positive with a sense of realism of a cop in the 21st century.  Beyond him, every other actor/actress play the typical archetypes found in any Crime/Drama film.  From the hard-nose criminals, trusty cop sidekick, voice of reason leader and so forth, each person over-exaggerates their roles.  Once in the second act, the predictable nature of investigative tropes falters into blending social commentary with the characters.  The obviousness of expositional foreshadowing trivializes any attempt at general plot development.  Situations fragment into plot holes, driving unemotive conversation into stylized action of shootouts, car chases and single encounters. 

As the investigation continues, the simplified nature of storytelling reveals a lackluster of creativity.  With scenes not matching tone, unexplained character choices and over use of melodrama techniques, it becomes a mockery of the genre.  The disjointed experience only leads to a third act and climax of irrelevancy.  21 Bridges had chances to become another great crime drama, but it becomes a disarray of clichés and tropes of the genre.  This film is not worth anyone’s time.    

Full Score – 1 out of 5 (Mind Numbing)

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