Best 5 films: Mid-season 2019

Best 5 films: Midseason 2019

It is the halfway mark, which means my midseason list of 2019.  This year has been filled with films that fall in the pool of mediocrity.  Overall, 2019 has tested what defines a good experience.  With the foundation leveled, it shortened the list of great films to choose.  Even so, there are still some honorable mentioned:

Isn’t It Romantic

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

These were filled with a genuine touch of amazement (check out the reviews above).  The films that made the Best 5 list define what it truly means to go to the theater.  By providing an experience that strikes the heart, the lasting effect is beyond astonishing.

Without further delay, here are my best 5 midseason films of the year:

Dragon Ball Super: Broly – To start off is a film that pulls on the nostalgia strings.  Being a big fan, seeing a return of this to the big screen only enticed my inner geek.  From the animation to the ridiculous fights, Dragon Ball Super, Broly showcases an iconic series of Japanese Culture.  This gives proof to the idea that anime is truly a great form of art.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum – The lasting impact of action is defined within its non-stop adrenaline from beginning to end.  This third chapter not only takes the fights and creative kills to another level, but it builds upon the lore of the world of assassins.  Keanu Reeves is a standout as John Wick, allowing for everything to ooze an ‘edge of your seat’ excitement.  If you’re looking for a great action film to see at the theaters, John Wick won’t disappoint. 

Us – What makes a great film can go beyond the typical tropes, tackling unpredictability with the endearment of writing a story.  Jordan Peele strikes gold twice with his second film, providing a visceral tale that plays upon the mind.  Us redefines the horror genre by pitting our psychological senses against the ambiguous nature of humans.  Peele showcases an experience that will last beyond its initial viewing.  In that, Us creates why we go to the theaters. 

Avengers: Endgame – 10 plus years leads to the culmination of what truly defines the idea of the blockbuster.  Beyond the spectacle, what draws you in is the well-developed characters.  This leads to a journey that masters the art of fantastical within a grounded sense of realism.  No matter the insane tech of Iron Man’s suits to the galactic exposure of talking raccoons and Norse Gods, you come to see a genuine journey that makes everything else stronger (Action, Drama, Comedy and Tragedy).  A worthy choice for this list and seeing at the theaters.   

Toy Story 4 – Going to the theaters, you always want to see something unique, different or genuine in its story.  No matter the genre, these items lead to the core value of that experience.  That love can only be strong if the film lives up to that central trait.  Toy Story 4 represents the core element of why we go to the theaters.  By providing an escape of something genuine, it leads you to believe that all the mediocre films are not the standard, this is.  Toy Story 4 is that experience that makes you smile, knowing it is a film for the ages.  

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