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Dragon Ball Super: Broly – Going Super on the Big Screen

Anime is a medium known for bombastic detail, outrageous storylines and unique quips.  For all that might seem surreal, it garners fans from around the world.  When a popular anime takes the leap to the theaters, it leads to a new experience for the masses.  A journey that is bound to simple setups and bombastic detail, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is an anime that provides an escape of truly fun proportions.

Anime is, at its core, a journey of stories and growth.  No matter the genre, it takes investment to understand a lot of what is going on in any series.  To counter that unknown, this film uses a two-fold approach for the story.  The first half provides a backstory to the events of Dragon Ball and its titular character.  With a genuine historical context, it allows for a connection for newcomers to the lore.  You learn about the origins of Vegeta, Goku, Frieza and Broly, understanding how and why they became the people they are in the present.  Through familial connections, melodramatic dialogue and some unexpected moments, it flashes forward to the main plot.  The second half takes place after the end of Dragon Ball Super series.  Once here, the two-fold approach provides an understanding with the climate of the main plot and obvious antics to the series by placing the basis of the characters against the common archetypes of the ‘good vs. bad’ scenario.  Goku and Vegeta are the main protagonists while Frieza is the main antagonist.  On the surface, it is literal mimicry of any typical action film.  What pushes this above commonality is the introduction of Broly, his relationship with his father and how his dormant powers provide a wildcard to the generic conflict.  This is when the story centralizes on the most important aspect of the series, the epic action sequences and over-the-top fights.

As the film progresses through each of fight, it gets more and more intense as the characters perform power ups.  This leads to a dynamic of colorful sensations and chaotic endurance.  The adrenaline of the fights only lend itself to the purity of the lore, creating an experience that is pure entertainment for the action junkies new the series.  The visuals provide the key to the enjoyment, highlighting the aptitude of what makes anime a great medium.  The climax is a homage to what fans are accustom too, leading to an epilogue that propels for something more to come.  Dragon Ball Super: Broly plays a lot to its fans, but it is one that can be enjoyed by non-fans alike.  With enough backstory, wonderful visuals and amazing action sequence, it is a well-rounded experience.  For anyone that are fans of the lore or of anime, this is one for you.  It is worth the full price of admission.

Final Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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