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Everything Everywhere All at Once – Chaos, Family and Love: Multiverse Edition

Art is … a wonder of the imaginative.  No matter what is capture, with a creative eye, you can bring about the possibilities of new worlds.  No matter if its realistic or fantastical, the wonderment of an artistic vision is simply … magical.  In this review, I look at a film that is best describe as artistic mayhem.  A journey that is part family/part imaginative, it is a wealth of unique bravado.  Even as things might seem convoluted, Everything Everywhere All at Once is an insane journey that brings about the meaning of family. 

In the beginning, you meet Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh).  She is married with a single child whom together they run a laundromat business.  She is dealing with multiple issues in her life, but it turns upside down when she gets sucked into a battle for the multiverse.  As she learns about her multiple lives, it becomes a balancing act between thematic ideas of personal/familial tropes with the onset of imaginative appeal.  With each scene, it’s a crazed aspect of the creative; a relentless force that jumps between conversational exposition, over-the-top action and chaotic set pieces that breathe adrenaline into the unknown.  As Evelyn becomes the ‘unwanted’ hero, she struggles between her newfound purpose and fighting for her family against greater good.  This brings characterization to the chaos, gripping the audience through her perspective with levity in the irony of each scenario.  The journey is an enveloping of depth that is colorful, imaginative and ultimately a vision of originality. 

As Evelyn begins to experience more of the unimaginable, the creativity starts to bloom into webs of convolution and gimmicks.  Even though specific things become plot fodder, there is this leveling of thematic appeal that keeps the fun in the originality of concepts.  The filmmakers are unafraid of taking chances, which ultimately lifts above the cliches, showcasing a gripping hearty adventure.  With everything on the line, the final act becomes a poignant display of love and family.  With everything at stake, it becomes a consequence of the heart that leads to a climax of unexpected results.  Everything Everywhere All at Once is a family film filled with chaos of the imagination.  With an original spin of familiar concept, this becomes a delight of artistic appeal.  If you are a fan of original concepts, or want to just see something different, check this out.  I say it is worth the full price of admission at the theaters.

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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