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Hamilton – History of Today, Founding Father … Sing

Time, a fateful trail of experiences.  When we look at time, we seek a define for certain moments where subtleness can become motions of wonders.  These are everlasting escapes that leave definite marks on the heart.  Creative touches are awe inspiring, especially when it brings Broadway to the big or small screen.  Hamilton is an adaptation that captures the essence of stage and film.  Riveting is the word that comes to mind for an experience like this.  Hamilton is simply, a work of art.

Captured live on stage, this Broadway play tells the story of one of the most influential founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton.  From the onset, the directive is to bring together two different mediums (film and stage).  By fusing film and stage productions, there is a sense of artistry and vision within a traditional biographical outline.  From the beginning, you get a general backstory of Hamilton.  You watch as the conviction of his upbringing parallels the struggles of today.  There are no sequences of cumbersome CGI or convenient plot devices, it is the rawness of the musical that allows for generalities to be replaced by actualization of moments.  These moments give credence to the art, pushing forward uniqueness of characters, themes and emotional overtures through lyrical content that connects the past to modern society.  This allows for historical context, societal reflection and personal growth to become one focal point.  As you move through a singular focus, you slowly become engrossed in a story that goes beyond what is stage and film.

As the story moves through various moments in his life, you see the stark influences that ripple through American History.  The songs bring a candor of convictions of the foundation for America today.  Emotions are strong and vibrant because of the talented ensemble cast.  As you reach the finale, it brings everything together in a poignant display of art.  Hamilton brings to life a musical that endears the importance of history within a message of today.  Lin-Manuel Miranda (writer) pushes historical mimicry that shows a path forward for hope and betterment.  With strong characters, a balanced story and reflective convictions, this is a worthy experience for anyone.         

Full Score – 5 out of 5 (Legendary)

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