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MIB: International – We are … The Generic Agents

The idea of rebooting a franchise always stirs the eyes of caution.  No matter if you’re behind the camera, acting or the audience watching, you always have a thought of ‘why is this happening?’  When this happens, you must take into consideration the value of the property.  No matter how much shakiness it has, there is a still a chance that a reboot may lead to new beginnings.  MIB: International is a reboot that takes its own formula beyond New York.  With a mixture of predictability and basic adventure techniques, this provides proof of a franchise that should have not been rebooted.

This reboot follows two new MIB agents, Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) and Agent M (Tessa Thompson) as they work together to solve the mystery of a dangerous alien species known as The Hive.  From the introduction to the new agents, London office and some mild Easter Eggs, it creates situations of obvious foreshadowing within a generic ‘invasion’ outline.  This leads to a combination of lackluster direction, undeveloped characterization and cop procedural elements.  Even when the new characters have moments to shine, it all becomes entrapped within two things: the spectacle of new CGI/character designs or references to past films.  This creates scenes of rehashed plot devices used in the original trilogy.  This drives the audience to have disdain towards the characters’ success, creating a vacuum of basic action/adventure linearity within layers of forced spy tropes.  The one thing that will keep the audience invested is the comradery between Agent H and M. 

Hemsworth and Thompson have strong chemistry as agents of MIB.  With their personalities being at odds with one another, it creates genuine banter that is blunt, comical and realistic.  You understand how they are great at certain things, but their flaws are drawn out with each other around.  This helps add to their growth, even when the story around is trivial.  As these two agents reveal the truth of The Hive, everything converges on Paris in the Third Act.  Once the final confrontation happens, it leads into some interesting character moments for Agent H and M.  As the film leads into its epilogue, it brings back full circle that unnecessary feeling of the reboot.  MIB: International is filled with a lot of the same gags and plot devices that were already done in the original trilogy.  If you’re a fan of the franchise, I say maybe watch this.  Otherwise, leave it for rental.    

Full Score – 2 out of 5 (Rental)

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