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Patriots Day – 4/5 – True Event films can stir many emotions.  Depending on place or era; it is an invigorating thread that will pull at your heart strings.  Even for an emotional tug; the story and characters have to be worth the experience.  Based on a true story will not always encapsulate a worthy tale.  Patriots Day is the retelling of the moments of the Boston Marathon Bombings.  With an aspect built on the relative sense of the characters, this is an intense thriller that layers itself in many different ways.  No matter how you come into this film; you will be truly moved by the events told in Patriots Day.

Premise: An account of the Boston Marathon Bombings of 2013

There are a lot of big names in the film.  To see the full list, please go to the IMDb page.  In short, the whole cast does an amazing job in capturing the essence of this very impactful moment in Boston.  From the buildup, bombing and aftermath; it all has an effect on how the characters evolve both physically and emotionally.  No matter if you’re talking about the people in the crowd, the police officers trying to keep the peace and track down the suspect (led by Mark Wahlberg and John Goodman), the victims and the bombers themselves; you feel the strength, bravado and raw like charm of how each individual has an impact on the story.  Seeing how everything unfolds from a ‘character perspective’ helps envelope a personal touch.  This brings out deeply emotive moments and scenarios.  The fluidity helps bring about a challenge for everyone; pushing them towards hard choices that become real and visceral.  There is a commonality that is bonded to everyone across the board (included the bombers); giving them all honest perspectives.  This creates an enhanced experience that allows for the cliché archetypes to fade away.  At a point, you get to see a spectrum of everyone as human beings.  The impact is felt strongly, which unfolds in parallel with the direction/script.

The film moves along in a way that captures the world ‘as is’.  What I mean is that even with the basic outline:

  • Introduction of characters
  • Singular plot development
  • A startled conflict
  • Pursuit for resolution

All of it becomes one event that unfolds in an organic way.  There isn’t any forced setup of predictable ploys (even if it is all based on true events).  What the direct (Peter Berg) does is provide characterizations of a story.  As each of the characters are introduced, you see how their ‘everyday’ lives lead up the tragic events.  From this point, it moves through at a methodical pace.  This push the characters to act through frantic and hysteria; moving forward a raw perspective.  This allows the characters to dictate situation and flow.  As the event unfolds based on the detail, there is a very strong emotional tone.  This is further developed by the authentic scope of dynamism, realistic dialogue and untimely consequences.  Every minute that the characters’ face is dire; leading to thematic overtures of belief, trust, hope and choice.  Even as the detail is very common; it never becomes heavy handed.  This blending helps bring out the tension; moving the audience to seek justice (with the characters) but understand the delicate details of the moments and why things happen.  Another great thing found in the direction is that it doesn’t bring prejudice thoughts or force a hidden agenda.  The director leaves it all in the ‘as in’ directive; allowing for the audience to see things happen evenly with both perspectives.  Knowing ‘why’ choices are made allows for better conviction; bringing an understanding of the choices that characters make and the ripple effect (down the road).  Once you come to the final act, it winds down into a trajectory of thoughtful content.  It allows for explanation towards the circumstance; but honors the rightfulness of what needs to be done in times of need.  No matter how you come at it; you will become more aware of things with stronger hindsight.

The visuals are based in an approach of ‘everyday’ society.  With most of the filming taking place in Boston and the surrounding areas; it helps keep the film true to the tale.  No matter how things are brought about (even during the bombing scenes); you feel the purpose, worth and realism of the day.  The score is mute at best; but it isn’t something that was important with how the story or characters move through this film.

Patriots day is a true event film that will have a lasting impact on you.  No matter how you see things; you will come out knowing and feeling something.  With strong acting, wonderful direction and an enrapturing tale that doesn’t beat an agenda; it is a worthy experience.  I recommend this to anyone a fan of true stories or the actors/actresses involved.  Worth the full price of admission.

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