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Pig – Solace and Revenge: It’s a Truffle Hunter Thing

Life is filled with unexpected encounters and joyous accomplishments.  Through all the highs and lows, there is a thought to seek some form of connective peace.  This define can transform any story, especially in film.  In this review, I look at a new indie/drama that pushes beyond the expected.  Within the basic idea or revenge, it is story that personifies the importance of life.  Pig is a film that redefines what it means to find love in a fractured life. 

The story follows a truffle hunter who is attempting to live a peaceful life in the wilderness.  When that solace is threatened, he must return to his past life to seek an answer to things lost.  The foundation of this film is routed in the basic theme of revenge.  To create that foundation, the director provides a simple introduction to the main character, setting and plot.  We are introduced to Rob (Nicholas Cage).  He is man trying to live a peaceful life with his red truffle pig in Oregon.  After a slow scenic buildup of his everyday routine in the woods, Rob is assaulted, and his pig kidnapped.  This inciting incident provides the catalyst, as Rob leaves his camp to find his pig.  The simplistic approach can be seen (on the surface) as very generalized, but the journey forward hints at a slow build of a poignant character perspective.  There is this ominous feeling as Rob seeks out those responsible, created through a methodical presence of emotional detail.  The initial encounters of ‘detective work’ to learn the where and whys helps build an abstract that is more than just any typical revenge tale.  All this leads to an eventual team up with his business partner, Amir (Alex Wolff), as they travel to Portland.  Once the setting changes, the predictable motif transforms into something more endearing, lifting the film within a thematic idea of personal loss.

As Rob ventures into certain places (from his past), you get a raw expression of whispering detail.  There is a define of explanation that happens without forced exposition, creating avenues of realistic trauma.  As Rob interacts with certain people and places, you get a sense of the forgotten becoming a mesmerizing look at unexpectedness of life.  This emotional abstract of the highs and lows (we all face) become prudent when Rob comes face-to-face with certain details of his past life.  This brings importance to his reconnections, creating avenues of reflection within the fractures of one’s soul.  As certain revelations happen, it brings depth to the characters of Rob and Amir, providing points of consequences they must face.  Once into final act, we experience an enthralling journey that is changed with the irony of hope.  This leads to an indifference to redemption (in the climax), creating a path of purpose and realistic focus on the aftermath of one’s choices.  Pig is an indie/drama that provides something more than just a tale of revenge.  There is a story woven within characterized loss, with a strong performance from Nicholas Cage.  If you are a fan of indie/dramas or like a different twist to revenge, this one for you.  This is an award worthy experience. 

Full Score – 4.5 out of 5 (Award Worthy)

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