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Prey – Survival on the Plains: I am … the Hunter

Anyone can tell a story.  From books to television, we string together moments defined by experiences and outcomes.  There are many stories told, but how do you make one stand above and beyond?  That poignancy of creating something truly amazing can lead to unforgettable storytelling.  In this review, I look at the latest entry in the Predator franchise.  Going the prequel route, this film brings a new level of intrigue to this world.  Within a simplified approach, Prey is not just a tale of survival but one of becoming … yourself.

A story of times before, we meet a young lady by the name of Naru (Amber Midthunder).  Trying to find her purpose, she sets forth on a hunt like no other.  Faced with insurmountable odds, she must find the way to survive and win.  With this film (on the surface), it can look like just another sequel in the Predator franchise.  Unlike the past entries, this one is a prequel, taking place in the Great Plains in the early 1700s.  Through a slow burn directive, we are introduced to the Comanche Nation and Naru.  In the first, we become passive observers as we learn about their way of life on the plains.  Through visual and physical mannerism, we learn about her relationships within the tribe.  Through minimal dialogue and the slow burn model, we come to understand that Naru wants to be a prime hunter (for the tribe).  With subtle context, it levels out an endearment of characterization that becomes the foundation for the rest of her journey.  Through some convenient setup, certain conflicts (external/internal) arise that provide the catalyst for her to venture far from her home.  This leads into the second act, when an unknown hunter begins to cause havoc around the Great Plains.   From this point, the journey becomes a series of events that meld together strong characterization, world-building and brutal visualization of conflict.  With this wildcard antagonist, it provides that purposeful obstacle for Naru’s growth.   

As her journey continues, the directive moves between characterization and the ‘cat-and-mouse’ trope.  The simplified approach builds up the dynamic of the hunt, revealing how Naru grows within certain methods.  Through a slew of epic action scenes and visceral tension, the rawness of setting brings about ingenuity of will and survival.  As everything is on the line, we head into third act where Naru must utilize all her skills to stop this unknown entity.  Even when things fall within predictable quips and plot fodder, we head into a final confrontation of amazing action sequences that builds to the ultimate triumph climax.  Prey is prequel that stands above the rest (in the franchise).  With strong characters and simplified approach, it is a film that stands toe-to-toe with the original.  If you are a fan of these films, action and character storytelling, this is for you.  It is a Hulu Original, but it would have been worth it to see this on the big screen.

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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