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Roma – Simply, The Beauty of Life

We are creatures of grandeur tastes.  From the bombastic to the adventurous, sometimes it’s the simplest things that can bring the most excitement.  This is the same for a movie going experience.  For all the big budget thrills and funny Rom-Coms, sometimes a simple story can be the most entertaining of them all.  Roma is film that simply puts forth, an honest tale.  

The story focuses on a maid who serves a Middle-Class family in Mexico City.  The director goes against traditional storytelling by putting the focus through a ‘life in motion’ lens.  No matter if its her daily duties or interactions with the family, you watch life endear through rawness and immersion.  There is no central plot, you simply just watch Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio) as she navigates working as a maid.  From the family drama to her own pregnancy, you get tribulations that ripple through everyday occurrences.  The poignant detail comes from this unorthodox structure of the filming.  There is a one flow directive that brings purpose to the interactions, scenes and situations that involve Cleo.  The unhinging of comfort allows for generalities to be pushed aside for life to dictate the outcome of things.  It is enthralling to see how things evolves from the reflection of personal choices.  You feel like you’re living along with Cleo, trying to find the moral path in everyday decisions.

Everything is methodically paced, which drives a wedge in the common use of melodrama or plot point driven moments.  The slow burn might wane on some, but it allows for the weight of the consequences to feel strongly through its vivid realism.  Each dilemma has a certain outcome, but it is all predicated upon seeing that genuine aspect of Mexico City and the 1970s.  Even in its raw detail, it can be a little awkward to see an honest reflection of society.  There is no real conclusion either, just an exist out of Cleo’s life.  From the structure to the slow burn, Roma represents the greatness of simple story told through a creative vision. If you’re a big movie fan, this is one that will have your eye.  If this was in theaters, I would recommend it as a Matinee, but it is already available on Netflix so go check it out.        

Final Score – 3.5 out of 5 (Matinee)

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