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The Killer – Code of the Assassin: A Revenge Tale

Through the whispers of delight, comes the sanity of disdain.  The solace soothes within conviction, but it also leads to intense moments, especially for character focused narratives.  When a story weaves through the human condition in film … it can be a truly thought-provoking experience.  In this review, I look at the latest David Fincher thriller.  A director known for creating dramatic character tales; this one is no exception.  With a strong lead through a tale of revenge, The Killer is an intense journey into the heart of morality.       

After a fateful mission, an unnamed assassin (Michael Fassbender) must decide if a personal vendetta is worth risking it all.  David Fincher (Director) is known for his thought-provoking narratives with films like Seven, Fight Club and The Social Network.  No matter the genre, he pushes forward with visceral intrigue that highlights characterization through thematic appeal.  With this film he introduces the audience to an unnamed assassin on a particular assignment in France.  With background narration and subtle insight, you get an understanding of this man and his own code of morality.  Through methodical direction, we witness the assignment go haywire, which leads through a series of intense scenes of escape, heavy atmosphere, and crucial aspect of the world (he lives in).  After a series of expositional like scenes, we lead into the major through line of the film: A revenge tale against his former employer.  Continuing with that methodical directive, Fincher builds a journey that balances the raw cadence of characterization within the realities of personal justice.  Through visual quips, intense confrontation, and a subdued action sequence, we get a stripped-down approach of a revenge/thriller that centralizes on a questioning mantra of moral truth.  Through Fassbender’s strong acting, we get a conflicted person that has a focal intent, dances along a grey line of morality.  The conflict of right and wrong becomes an event of visual interpretation, putting the onus on the audience to see the reality of the situation through the ironic depth of a revenge tale.

As the assassin confronts each person one-by-one, it becomes a blend of intensity, unpredictability, and human fragility.  Each moment is heightened by the approach, driven by certainty (of a code), regardless of the outcome.  The outwitting of moments maneuvers through visual quips and plot driven circumstances, but the consequences lift above any cliché aspect.  With everything coming to a final confrontation, we head into a third act where everything comes full circle.  This leads into a satisfying climax and epilogue.  The Killer is a very methodical breakdown of the revenge thriller motif.  If you are a fan of revenge/thrillers, Fincher of Fassbender, this movie is worth the watch.  It is available on Netlfix, but it would be worth seeing on the big screen.       

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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