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The King of Staten Island – Crowns Beyond Tragedy: A Staten Island Story

Your path is all in the idea of choice.  In compounded journeys of life, it becomes prudent when watching it unfold on the big screen.  It is the poignant nature of living that makes it worth wild.  The King of Staten Island is a drama/comedy that pushes through the stylings of a coming-of-age tale.  With a strong lead and relatable themes, The King of Staten Island is a genuine reflection of what it means to finding your path in this world.                     

Scott (Pete Davidson) has hit a crossroads in life.  Faltering along an unmotivated path, he will have to figure out what is most important in life.  Judd Apatow (writer/director) uses his unique techniques to create a story that is poignant on a character level.  Within this tale, you have a coming-of-age outline with a reflection of everyday life.  With Scott as the focal point, Apatow uses conversational techniques to provide insight into his situation.  In the aftermath of his father’s death, he faces life through the lazily lens of dreams and potential.  This leads on a linear path of raw humanistic layers that are provoked by Scott’s family, friends and his own blunt behavioral outbursts.  Watching Scott’s interactions reveal the struggles of his own pursuits with wit and charm.  The whimsical Pete Davidson fleshes out a ‘love/hate’ relationship with the character, creating a person that straddles decisions with guilt.  As he continues down his unmotivated path, it begins to have consequences on his own safety nets.  These crumbling structures provides a window of unexpected growth.   

At a crossroads, Scott faces truths of his own design.  Finding purpose in the indifference, he begins to learn to live within adjusted convictions.  As the story slows within a methodical approach, it allows Apatow to level out drama through comical situations and inspirational themes.  Conversations are still levied throughout, but the obvious begins to fracture some of the characterized moments.  Even when the length begins to wane on the experience, it comes back with strength in the final act.  This is when the film reaches a point of self-reflection where Scott finds a revelation point.  This leads to a triumph style climax, leading to an epilogue with hope for more.  The King of Staten is a provoking tale that has genuine reflection of personal worth.  With a strong lead and realistic themes, this is a film that endears upon many levels.  This film is available On-Demand, but it would be worth seeing at the theaters … full price.      

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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