Top 10 Favorite Directors

Top 10 Favorite Directors

In the world of storytelling, film is one of the best.  With film, there is an intricate fabric of moving parts that correlate to something grand.  From the evolution of the script, managing cast/crew, where to set cameras, build sets and decide on on-site location/costume design and score, the details can be overwhelming.  Through the web of filmmaking, the one factor that brings everything together is the director.  Under one (sometimes two) people, everything centers on their vision.    

Through this vision, these moving parts come together to create an escapable window into unique worlds, showcasing the creative aspect of new possibilities.  Through the generations, directors have etched their names to become well known to the masses.  Within that craft, it generates a following where people find genuine connection to their worlds.  Everyone has their list of directors that when their names appear on a film project, you will definitely go see.  With that, here is my Top 10 directors

10. Quentin Tarantino – The certainty of draw comes through his harden charisma towards storytelling.  Through the years, he has leveled out a niche between exaggeration and humble appeal.  Through dialogue heavy scenes, unique characters and world-building, his films standout as worthy of the big screen.

Favorite Films – Django Unchained / Inglorious Basterds / Pulp Fiction 

9. Paul Thomas Anderson – There is a level of storytelling that becomes indifferent to the world.  Through that, you see a director that stands true within a vision that is wholesome and tonally distinct.  This director puts a premium on slow-burn narration, which leads to strong characters and everlasting stories. 

Favorite Films – There Will Be Blood / Punch Drunk Love / Boogie Nights

8. Edgar Wright – Stories are meant to be a genuine fun way to escape.  Well, Wright is one that takes that idea and pushes it further into unknown realms of possibilities.  No matter if its action, comedy or both … he will take you on an imaginative roller coaster of fun. 

Favorite Films – Scott Pilgrim vs The World / Baby Driver / Shaun of the Dead  

7. Wes AndersonCreative and quirky, two things that come to mind with this director.  Through his own sensibilities, he provides worlds that are surreal but grounded within human fragility.  There is comedy in sadness, and he finds a way to make it ironically enjoyable. 

Favorite Films – The Royal Tenenbaums / Moonrise Kingdom / The Grand Budapest Hotel

6. Judd Apatow – With comedy, it is hard to please everyone.  To find a niche in laughter is hard to come by, and Apatow has found his own path in this medium.  Through his balancing act of human drama and comedy, Apatow has provide a sleuth of journeys that are wholesome and fun. 

Favorite Films – The 40-year-Old Virgin / Trainwreck / The King of Staten Island

5. Denis Villenevue – Escapism comes in many forms.  One of those forms is Sci-Fi/Fantasy.  With an eye for visual prowess and world-building, this director takes you on a journey of endless possibilities.  Through visual means, he compliments it with strong characters that showcase a journey worth believing in. 

Favorite Films – Sicario / Arrival / Dune (2021)

4. The Coen Brothers – With this duo, they are well known to provide unique stories of contemplation.  Within their own path, the take us on journeys filled with vicarious world-building, characters and open-ended explanation.  The oddities that are left to desire is what makes these brothers stand out in the world of film. 

Favorite Films – The Big Lebowski / No Country for Old Men / True Grit (2010)

3. David Fincher – Seriousness in a world of pure calamity defines Fincher’s catalog.  A man with distinct threads of characterization, his method comes through leveling stories within the fractures of society.  With each new film, he will always be a man of serious gravitas. 

Favorite Films – The Social Network / Seven / Gone Girl

2. Martin Scorsese – A man known for his grit; Scorsese pushes his vision with a certain zeal of hardiness.  Through raw dialogue and visceral storytelling, he has created a style that elevates the journey to be one filled with strong excitement and unforgettable moments.  Scorsese has stood the test of time and left an indelible impact on film. 

Favorite Films – The Departed / Goodfellas / Wolf of Wall Street   

1. Steven Spielberg – Through the decades, there have been many filmmakers that have made a stamp on the industry.  Within my list of amazing directors, there is one name that rises above them all.  Spielberg has provided a level excellence that ranges across decades and genres.  Having made great films in every genre, when his name appears on a project … you will be seeing it no matter what.  He is my number director. 

Favorite Films – Schindler’s List / Munich / Saving Private Ryan  

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