Top 10 Films: Animated Features

Top 10 Animated Features

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Animated features; there are many things that can describe these kinds of films.  Some words that come to mind (for me) are:



The reason I use these specific words because it shows that an animated feature that can cross all bounds/confines of its fascinated world to become a truly, amazing motion picture.  I ask you, when you close your eyes and think of these three words; what kind of details come.  A very big and bright imagination can bring about many things, but when precision counts, these three words bring you the confines of greatness.

In making a great animated feature, you must break the mold of the animation and bring something truly memorable.  No matter how real or figurative a story/idea can be, the expression is all in the experience.  That experience is what breaks average and brings to you something that’s timeless, magical and captivating.  You escape into the world of the creator; experiencing love, joy or sadness.  The emotional flood, intense action or dramatic tension that is brought out from this kind of experience shows you, it was worth your time.

This is what I use when coming up with coming up with my top 10 animated features.  When you find something to attach to, it goes beyond its animated roots and spring upon a memorable experience.  Time will tell how long these films will stand, but for now, these are my top 10 animated features.



ratatouille10. Ratatouille – A film about a rat that can cook? A very odd choice of premise, but it’s one that is a worthy of my Top 10 list. There is something unique in its storytelling, as the whispers of characters so surreal become relevant throughout.  You get to see something dealing with social and racial themes, you will see this ‘odd’ tale turn into a genuine experience.  This is one of Pixar’s best and underrated films.




cowboy9. Cowboy Bebop – The first of 3 Japanese Anime titles on my list; this is one of my favorites and best drama/action Animes of all time.  To paraphrase some of my initial review; the captivation is built from its ‘thriller’ style plot, but the layered presentation goes further. This comes from its colorful characters and (as mentioned) unique action-styled sequences.  The added ‘dialogue’ drives you through the heavy adult themes, as you come to a climax worthy of any amazing thriller.  By the end, you will see a film that brings to light a deep characterization of what it means to be ‘heroic’; but not in the way you think.



Aladdin8. Aladdin – It is a ‘whole new world’ when you think of this Disney Classic. From the ageless archetypes (like Genie) to the great antagonist (Jafar), this film will sweep you off your feet and take you on a magical ride. The feelings that amass from the ‘Rags to riches’ pseudo tale is what creates the attachment to the protagonist.  This helps bring to light truth in character, relationships and what it honor means to someone like Aladdin.  If you’re looking for a Disney film with great characters and a sweeping journey, this is one to watch.




Toy Story 37. Toy Story 3 – A film that can be consider (by most) one of the best all time; Toy Story 3 is a great mixture of ‘longing friendships’ and ‘a great escape’ scenario. With memorable characters that you’ve grown with (literally), you get to see the hardship of growing up, letting go and knowing that memories will always last forever. This is a great Pixar film that will bring you to tears, in a joyful way.




Akira6. Akira – The second of the Japanese Animes to make the list; this is consider by most as the ‘breakthrough’ film. This is the feature that’s the ‘gateway’ film that opened Americans to Japanese culture of animation. A tale that cultivates futuristic styled ideas within the scope of a deep imagination, you get to see a film that breaks boundaries on many levels (storytelling, characters and themes).  From the memorable protagonist to the insane visuals, this film will bleed the statement of ‘opening your mind’.




Beauty and the Beast5. Beauty and the Beast – Romanticism at its finest, this is another defining Disney Classic. From the oddness of the coupling and the colorful nature of the aesthetic visuals, you are filled with a sweeping tale of love, family and honesty. Turning the tropes of the typical ‘caricatures’ found in fairytales, you get a subtle hint of realism that builds throughout this story.  With a focus on flawed individuals, you watch as they must come to terms of who they are while also finding ‘purpose’ in what makes them ‘real’ when coming into contact with a contrasting mirror.  The journey is brought to the screen through magical sensations, epic score and sweeping visuals.  This film defines what it means to find true love.   This is one of the best from Disney along with being one of the rare animated films to be nominated for Best Picture.



Princess Mononoke4. Princess Mononoke – I consider this to be best Japanese Anime of all time. The film goes beyond ordinary storytelling, and shows you a raw tale that is realistic to our modern world. This film brings you ‘down to earth’ through methodical characterization while layering it with a strong them of what is ‘human nature’.  From the intuitive and imaginative world of mysticism, humanity and heroism, this is an animated feature that is truly timeless.




inside out3. Inside Out – This might be considered a shock to some, but if you read my review, you will know why this film is so high on my list. The depth in its originality, personality and ultimately its storytelling, this film goes beyond an animated feature and becomes a story as real as our everyday lives. In short, just go watch this film.  This is Pixar’s ‘return to greatness’; and one of their best.




up2. Up – No words can describe what this film does emotionally. A very stern human tale; Up is that film that seriously pulls on your emotional strings. With a stark contrasting of ideas of love, friendships, everlasting memories and letting go, the depth that is brought to you through its ‘imaginative’ premise breaks barriers on so many levels.  The undertaking of showing originality, creativity and going ‘beyond’ the animation is what makes it one of the best films to ever come out of Pixar Studios.   Many tears will drop from this film, but you will feel the joy by the end.   Even at its best, this film cannot top my number one.




the lion king1. The Lion King – Timeless … Captivating … Magical … this film takes the banner of the number one spot. The Lion King brings greatness in so many ways. The ideal story of ‘fall from grace’ to second half ‘redemption’ journey; this tale shows deep layers of humanistic overtures through the African Safari.   A tale about Simba, the rightful Heir who must come to terms with tragedy and become the King, this story is filled with so many human ideals of life, love, happiness, sorrow and most of all, the journey of oneself becoming who they were born to be.   A masking of Shakespeare-like magic within the creative walls of Disney, this is a classic among classics.  This is a film that has stood the test of time because of its relative and amazing story.  This is why The Lion King is my number one Animated features.

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