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Resident Evil: Retribution – 1.5/5 –   I went into this movie, knowing exactly what I was going to expect (guns, zombie-ish stuff, action etc.) but hoping, like other films with no deep storyline, characters or even cliché stuff, it could be, even for its generic=ism, it could be entertaining.  Greatly, I was disappointed that even a movie with all the lore it could pull from within the games its based off of, it didn’t.   Firstly, this movie picks up right after the 4th movie, as Alice is again captured by the Umbrella Corporation and wakes up in a new underground facility, not knowing what the hell is going on (We have seen that before in this series).  Being freed from her confines by an unlikely ally, she is aided by two new entries into the series, a woman by the name of Ada Wong and also Leon Kennedy, to escape the facility and join the humans in the fight against the hordes of infected.

First off, I saw this movie in 3-D, as that was pretty much the aim of the marketing.  I’ve seen many 3-D movies, and for what I saw, I was not impressed.  What they did in this film was used the typical techniques of using flying objects and/or flying bullets throughout the film.  No inovation with the 3-D, and was justly, a complete waste.

For the general movie itself, I found it to be beyond boring; from the beginning to end.  None of the character interaction, action scenes or even the attempt of a human connection with Alice and some little girl could keep anyone’s attention throughout.  I wasn’t expecting deep character development, but it is really a shame they just continue to mindlessly plug in new characters and just hope for us to accept and/or care about them.  This movie had everyone from every movie (Minus Chris and Claire).  What made it worst with the inclusion of the characters was the movie tried too hard to make death scenes and general human interaction so epic and dear, that some kind of character development should have been made, even if it was little bit of showing where the new characters came from, like Ada and Leon.  Being a fan of the games, I know these characters and their history, so i was totally disappointed with no development.  Even if you’re not a fan of the games, you will just be confused and won’t care.

Secondly, the movie played out just like a video game.  No story, no plot driven devices, no climax.  The movie had this general basic order:

Action scenes, kill zombies, kill the boss character, move to a new area, kill zombies, kill boss character, and move to new area.

IF I wanted to play a video game, I would turn on my Xbox.  Also, they never explained the difference between the old and new zombies (Las Plagas) and they never explained how the new strain of virus came into effect.  People of the games would know what it was, but it was pretty lame there was no explanation.  What also bothered me was the ‘convenient’ factor how things/people showed up at the right time or there was always a way to escape.

Milla Jovich does an admirable job as Alice as always, but everything else was just the same old stuff, predictable scenarios, death and typical outcome and ending.  I really wish I could have given it a higher score, and hope the dumb fun could have actually been fun, but it really wasn’t.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone, even people who are fans of mindless action films, to see this film.   Take your money and go see something else.

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