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Uncut Gems – Shine of Consequences, A Jewel in the Rough     

Character(s) are an important pillar of any story.  From adventure to romance, watching the dynamic of character(s) helps provide connection, veracity and emotional worth.  No matter the medium, this is the truest part of the escape.  Uncut Gems is a story all about its main lead.  From the uniqueness of its concept, this film pushes forward the unpredictable nature of consequences.  With one of the best performances in a lead role, Uncut Gems is a jewel that shines on its own.

Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler), a high-stakes jeweler from New York puts everything on the line for a prized gem.  Placing bets on high risk moves, he is put at a crossroads with his own life against time.  The flow of the story is compounded within the chaotic nature of its lead character, Howard Ratner.  The ambiguity of interactions is complimented by the unrelenting addiction to gambling.  This flawed trait adds depth to his ongoing relationships in the film.  With each person Ratner interacts with, it leaves him with making rash decisions.  These choices lead to unforeseen moments, creating an uneasy feeling that the next situation could be his last.  That tension is deeply woven within Ratner’s relationships, showcasing the fragile connections he has with his family, business partners and close confidants.  Sandler is at his finest as Howard Ratner.  He puts forward a performance that showcases the raw detail of decisions made within blind addiction.  The audience is witness to the grips of blind pride, creating a sense of empathy because Ratner is lost within his own false sense of righteousness.  This has a ripple effect with the rest of the cast, providing a living/breathing world that is embroiled within the frantic nature of decisions by Ratner.        

As he makes one bad decision after another, the dancing of fragile choices ultimately leads to a sense of lost.  The unpredictable nature helps ensure that choices are left to the unknown, creating a place where outcomes are left unsown.  This allows for each person in Ratner’s life to have a say in the matter, leading to a third act that is held in the ultimate grips of fate.  As you reach the climax, everything is levied against that false sense of hope, leading into an epilogue that unexpected but ironically shocking in its own right.  Uncut Gems is a film that succeeds because of the strength of its lead character.  Seeing Adam Sandler at his finest, he creates a journey that showcases the unpredictable nature of life.  If you are a fan of great character pieces or films outside the norm, this is one for you.  It isn’t for everyone, but I believe for those that take a chance, it will be worth the full price.       

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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