Best 5 films: Mid-Season 2023

Best 5 Films: Midseason 2023

Another year has hit the halfway mark.  For me, 2023 in film has been a fascination of the unknown.  I look back to the films I have watched (so far), and it has become defined by the unique display of unexpected delight.  This feeling has allowed me to walk into any film and come out with an awe I never expected to feel.  To find enjoyment in indifference, this year has been a colorful spectacle of great stories.

With all the different kinds of films, the joy of putting together this latest best of: midseason list (2023) has brought a smile to what has happened.  With all the surprises to be had, there are always a few films on the outside (of the list).  Here are my honorable mentions:

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Creed III

John Wick: Chapter 4


Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3

Evil Dead Rise

These great films provided strong, joyous escapes that might make my top 10 (later this year) but just missed this list.

Without further delay, here are my best 5 midseason films (No particular order):

Suzume – Anime is a medium that can capture the soul with its imagination.  For the stigma that it may carry, anime is always defined by its character and journey.  This film provides an authentic escape that showcases magic, lore and relationships on a level that is poignant and sincere.  This film will not disappoint the most harden critics (of the medium).

The Blackening – There is a delicate line when capturing social commentary within satire.  When it is done right, it becomes an enjoyable experience.  This film breaks the horror genre to create something that is darkly humorous but sincerely smart.  With strong characters, witty dialogue, and an outcome of unexpected detail, this is a horror/comedy done right.

Are You There God?  It’s Me, Margaret – When it comes to film, the simple art of character and growth can lead to a heartfelt escape.  This film tackles the ‘coming-of-age’ model and builds out a paralleling story that showcases the pressures of a teenager and mother.  With strong characters and an honest script, you will root for Margaret and Barbara as they navigate the suburban world.

Air – Quality comes on many fronts.  For film, that can come from its action set pieces, romantic endeavors or adventurous fervor.  Sometimes, quality can come from the aspect of conversation.  Built from the true story platform, this film is a tale of characters and conversations.  Through its cast, you get a riveting tale about how a rookie and a shoe company stuck gold to create an industry icon.  For all that can be said, this is truly … quality filmmaking. 

Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse – With every outing (to the theaters), there is a hope for a thoroughly good time.  For all the expectations, it is the little things that can push the spectacle to another level.  This second chapter of Miles Morales does that very thing, and much more.  A tale that pulls you in with its creative visuals and endearing characters, Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse will thrill fans, create new ones, and showcase the meaning of finding delight in the unexpected.  This film is truly … a theatrical experience.

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