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Knives Out – I Suspect, An Unorthodox Mystery

The thoughts that churn when filled with suspense, it will bend and weave the mind in the tale of a Murder/Mystery.  These ideas of an ensemble cast within a sandbox pushes thrills, twist and turns that usually fall in the trap of the obvious.  Every so often, there is one that manages to tackle the genre and move it along an enjoyable journey.  Knives Out plays with the familiar, but pushes excitement through its characters.  No matter what abounds, this film delivers a truly unique adventure of murderous intent.

The story follows Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), as he investigates the eccentric Thrombey family to find out the truth that surrounds the unexpected death of their patriarch, Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer).  The foundation of any Murder/Mystery is its ensemble cast and the ‘death’ plot device.  Beside the two actors mentioned, some other recognizable names are Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Chris Evans, LaKeith Stanfield and Toni Colette (please refer to the film’s IMDb Page for the full list).  Within these actors/actresses, you get a vibrant sense of individualism.  Once the death plot device brings everyone together, it pushes forward their characters through a narrative that tackles the obviousness of the genre.  The story plays within self-awareness, recognizing the predictability while placing the focal point on the family.  This allows for the audience to be swept within the dramatic atmosphere of each persons’ intent.  This is instigated by their interaction.  As the story moves along, you get a mixture of irony and dark satire.  What seems truthful at first becomes a red herring of what really happened to Harlan.  Through a more vicarious approach, it allows layers to be revealed in a manner of dialogue and interactions.  In this, you have a raw original narrative within a common approach.

As the story continues, the family begin to unravel under the mayhem of the investigation.  The maneuvering of each character reveals purpose and intent, which is brought out vividly through witty dialogue and obscure interactions.  Once in the final act, everything comes to the forefront as expositional elements brings everyone in the family into a full circle stylized climax.  Knives Out is a film that plays with the familiar to create an original experience.  With smart dialogue and an amazing cast, there is enough fun to play the guessing game of the truth.  If you’re a fan of Murder/Mysteries or want to see something a bit different, this is one for you.  Worth the Full Price of admission.

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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