Top 10 Films of 2018

2018 will be defined by its intriguing stories, wonderful characters and great journeys portrayed on the big screen.  Seeing the variety of game-changing blockbusters and redefining indies has led to one of the most genuine years of film.  The one thing that has caught my eye is how strong each story brought a slew of emotions, creating a place of raw tension, drama, action and endearment.  Creating a place of true escapism, you felt a part of the journey.  These films provide that kind of feeling, but just missed making the top 10.  My honorable mentions are:

Crazy Rich Asians – An enticing spin of the typical romantic tale, this film brought an enticing journey of characters that made you smile.  Crazy Rich Asians is a fun experience that reflects on culture, giving human element to the Rom-Com genre.   

Love, Simon – This is a coming-of-age tale that takes the standard elements of the genre and moves it on a path of fun, excitement and human reflection.  It is a tale of adolescence that gives truth to personal growth.  A wonderful story to watch on the big screen.    

Won’t You Be My Neighbor – This is a documentary that captures the heart of goodness this world can provide.  Showing the life of Mr. Rogers and his show, it is a film that speaks to a generation of people.  Showcasing the heart of humanity, you will see the truth in the idea of being kind to everyone.

Upgrade – This is that surprised indie of the summer.  Showcasing how storytelling can be riveting on a small scale, it gives proof that you can take the familiar and create something unexpected.  An action film with character, you will be spellbound by what the path entails. 

Isle of Dogs – This is one that showcases storytelling through the lens of true creativity.  From the use of stop-motion to the humanizing metaphors with dogs, you will not be disappointed in this latest from Wes Anderson.

These films were amazing but are only the tip of the iceberg.  Now, let us lift the curtain on my Top 10 films of 2018.

10. A Simple Favor –  There is something to be said about being truly surprised.  Every so often there is a film that breaks the mold of expectations and becomes something more than advertised.  This film put the lens on the thriller concept by pushing satire and comedy through an ambiguous tale of murder.  From the outstanding characters to the intriguing combination of genres, A Simple Favor was a surprised hit to me, and the one that starts off my top 10 list.

9. Eighth Grade –  Anyone that has read my reviews know that coming-of-age films are one of my favorites.  The reason differs from each film, but it always centralizes on the characters.  Eighth Grade puts a spotlight on a time of transition that has never really been examined on the big screen.  Through a great lead character and honest portrayal of modern society influences on pre-teens, Eighth Grade it is a genuine tale that will have anyone living their childhood again.  

8. A Star Is Born –  The emphasis of character and music is the highlight of this riveting story.  Bringing two opposite people together, A Star Is Born blends drama, musical quips and character growth through dialogue and human interaction.  The poignant detail comes through the main characters, creating a journey that is sincere to the core.  With strong performances from Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, this is a film that will have you enraptured till the end.

7. Call Me by Your Name – A riveting tale that combines ‘days of summer’ themes with an interaction of ‘living in the moment’, you are drawn by the rawness of human emotions at its most vulnerable form.  No matter the age or circumstance, there are moments that make you live.  This story puts life at the forefront, creating a film that is genuine on every scale.  Call Me by Your Name gives inspiration to being witnesses of the meaning of love. 

6. Mission Impossible: Fallout – This series has only gotten better with time.  At its sixth installment, it showcases what makes Mission Impossible one hell of a ride.  From the amazing action sequences to the adrenaline rush of Ethan Hunt’s missions, this is a series that continues to push the spy genre to new heights. 

5. Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse –  This film captures the essence of the lore while also creating a tale of amazing detail.  It weaves outrageous characters through a combination of fun action sequences, comical interactions and heartfelt moments.  Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse is a spectacle of a lot of things.  Being more than a great animated feature, this is one of the best films to showcase who is Spiderman.

4. Green Book –  If there was a film to highlight the journey of characters, it is this one.  Green Book takes the feel-good concepts, combines it in a buddy/road trip plot to create a story that takes the familiar through the ideas of true friendship.  Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali bring to life great individuals that captures the realism of the 1960s.  This is an experience that truly defines one of the best feel-good stories of the year.

3. Avengers: Infinity War – A film 10 years in the making, this brought together a slew of characters and storylines that has been built through the MCU.  As stated in my review, Avengers: Infinity War is not just a comic book film or another sequel, it is a film experience of a lifetime.  It is that one-of-kind moment for comic book fans, but also a genuine climax of what 10 years can do for a franchise.  

2.  The Favourite –  Brought together through a clever script, a period piece setting and outrageously interesting character, this is a film of many layers and thought-provoking meanings.  As stated in my review, The Favourite highlights the endeavors of what a story can be when writing, directing, acting and visuals come together through a creative vison.  It is one of the best films of 2018.  

1. Black Panther –  This one not only pushes the boundaries of what a comic book film can be, but it was a redefining experience on so many levels.  As I stated in my review, Black Panther takes the comic book formula and infuses it with an influx of artful storytelling, social themes and strong characterization.  This push the origin tale to create something that everyone can gravitate to, creating a journey that is full of tension, drama, action and endearment.  Therefore, Black Panther is my number 1 film of 2018.

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