Best 5 films: Mid-Season 2022

Best 5 Films: Midseason 2022

There is this sense of joy that is tied to certain things.  For some, it is in the pleasures of activities.  For others, it comes with simple conversations.  Finding that joy creates moments that captivate our thoughts, leading to an everlasting experience.  For me, that sense of joy comes in watching stories on the big screen.  With all the stories left to be told, this year (so far) has been a great mixture of nostalgia, originality and fun.  With a wide variety of stories, it has been a true joy putting together the best of: midseason list (for 2022), showcasing my joy of this year’s slate of films.

Even with all the truly imaginative escapes, there are always films that miss the midseason list.  Here are my honorable mentions:

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Jackass Forever

Turning Red


The Batman

These great films provided strong, joyous escapes, but just missed the mark.

Without further delay, here are my best 5 midseason films (No particular order):

Coda – Films capture the audience in different ways.  One way is through a simple look at family.  This Award-Winning film captures your heart on many levels.  We follow along Ruby’s life story as she struggles to find her place while fulfilling familial duties.  By taking a simplistic approach, you witness an original coming-of-age tale defined by realistic relationships and hopeful triumphs.  This is a journey that will not disappoint.      

The Northman – There is a delicacy in capturing one’s vision.  In finding that balance, Eggers (Writer/Director) creates a simple revenge tale through the blending of Shakespeare and Norse Mythology.  With all these elements, you are led on a visceral journey rife with raw human conviction.  By spinning the typical with his own vision, Eggers creates an experience that truly stands on its own.     

Top Gun: Maverick – The Summer Blockbuster; defined by big spectacle and insane action.  Every summer is filled with these kinds of films, but there is always one that stands out from the rest.  Decades in the making, Top Gun: Maverick captures the nostalgia (of the original) while soaring to new levels with story and character.  This film is more than just another Summer Blockbuster, it is a memorable experience at the theater.

Everything, Everywhere All at Once – A lot of film goers speak of redundancy with the current state of films.  With all the reboots and sequels, people ask … where is the originality?  Here is a film that answers that question within its own colorful insanity.  Diving into the imagination, this is a story that puts you on a roller coaster ride of thought-provoking fun.  With strong characters, familial themes and a heartfelt message … this twisting tale will have you believing in love across the multiverse.   

The Black Phone – With every tale, we have a thought of what we will experience.  Sometimes, you experience something that goes beyond and becomes something more.  The Black Phone takes you a journey of human fragility that pushes horror to the next level.  With a mixture of strong character drama, intense situations and a raw thematic appeal, this journey (ironically) captures that sense of joy you want from watching film.  This is one of the best stories to hit the big screen … one that will not disappoint film fans (of any genre).    

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